“New World Order?” (No, it’s just a repackaged tower of Babel).

Here we are today living in a world where technology, telecommunications and air travel, have created a world that is more connected.
People that have long been isolated from one another by vast tracks of land or oceans who over many, many generations developed independent cultures, languages and codes of ethics are now finding new mediums to share information and are merging into people belonging to a “Global village”. A new world is emerging….so they tell us.

The sovereignty of independent nations is being subtly yet increasingly suppressed through global governing bodies such as United Nations and the European Union. Presidents, prime ministers and monarchy are all beginning to sing the same tune about Global economies, free trade and shared global objectives. Even religious leaders have been singing the tune and many Popes have called for a,” New world Order”. Developed countries are all moving toward the center of a globally unified system of governance and the third world countries are invited to come on board.

Closer to home I am increasingly being reminded about my “global responsibilities” I am being told to “Act locally and think globally” such as participating in our local curb side recycling program.

I am instructed through media that my “Social principles” must be of the sort that can be accepted in any culture in order to be politically correct; they must be for the “Common good” of all peoples. So don’t offend anyone with a contrary opinion to the new standard of tolerance and acceptance of others and their lifestyles or views. I think they forget that you can truly love someone and at the same time be entirely against their religion or lifestyle. Or are all such people with contrary views haters? No they are not.

In all of these ideas there is a backdrop of manipulation of conscience, heaven forbid if you throw your star bucks cup into the waste section rather than the recycling one!!!

Recycling is good to be sure, but if the collective conscience of humanity takes a greater offence at a person failing to recycle than it does to ignoring it’s responsibility toward God, then society is straining out the gnat swallowing a camel.

At the risk of offending the many,( while still loving them) let me simply say that this idea of building a society without correct reference to God has been tried and has failed. It is not a “New World Order” it is an “Old rebellion”.

If you don’t believe me just ask yourself why the symbol of unity used as a visual motif by the EU is a reproduction of the famous painting of the tower of Babel. Yes the tower of Babel the original great rebellion. A colossal failure…..

Jesus Christ is the Lord, he overcame the world, and he certainly has no interest in our “New World Order” and as a believer either do I. Here I stand.
tower of babble EU

8 thoughts on ““New World Order?” (No, it’s just a repackaged tower of Babel).

  1. I think you’re putting the emphasis on the wrong part of the story of the tower of BABEL. The problem wasn’t people working together, it was people working together to think they can reach God of their own accord.

    1. Sacredstruggler Thank you for commenting on the post … and correcting my spelling of BABEL. Ha ha.You do make a very good observation they were attempting to reach God on their own terms in a manner of speaking but I believe it was more that they wanted to build a tower to heaven ( the blessings of heaven) and not necessarily to God ( as He actually is) It was God who instructed them to go into all the earth subdue it … to go forth and multiply etc. Do you believe then that in today’s context the NWO is something that is the will of God or good and is it right to use the tower of Babel as a motif to unify people under today as the EU is doing? I guess I am asking is this pro-Christ or anti-Christ? Should Christians help build the new tower?

      1. Though babble certainly has relevance here, yea the spelling was off. lol.
        I think it’s out of context because humankind has gone throughout the world and multiplied etc. Making law standards that hold throughout our transient world is a far cry from gathering all of us in one place under one language toward one goal. I am not necessarily a supporter of this “New World Order”, but I am definitely not into the fear-mongering culture that accompanies the talk of it.

      2. Sacredstruggler,Thanks again for commenting. Yes mankind has ended up performing the very thing God sent us out to do, after a bit of a nudge … we did subdue and multiply.I have even considered that now may be the time that man might finally gets it right, but I always come back the the fundamental question of, how does this relate to the Biblical understanding of God’s created world and ultimate purpose from an eternal perspective. Jesus often had to remind His followers that His kingdom was not of this world. He often said that the world would hate him and his followers. I am not afraid of the NWO I just choose to see it within the framework of a biblical world view. I am looking for a kingdom and I am convinced that the NWO is not the kingdom I am looking for.

  2. I know it’s been a long time, but your conversations where edifying and encouraging. If I can encourage you to keep blogging, I hope I can. God bless.

    1. Thanks, I’ve been busy with church, family work etc. I have had some opportunity to preach so my thinking writing and studying have been going into those efforts. I also appreciate you posts brother. Thanks for the encouragement.

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